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'Indigenous Opera' - Aizhen Zhou 周爱珍



'Indigenous Opera' 

- by Aizhen Zhou周爱珍, 2016.


In glorious, and unique colours that represent the indigenous culture of the Australian Aboriginals, Indigenous Opera shares that with an intriguing interpretation*, in juxtaposition with the architecture of the Sydney Opera House.


This print is a reproduction of an oil painting by Aizhen Zhou, our Grandmother.

(*This artwork is purely a representation, and/or interpretation of the local indigenous art - Not in any form a replica of one created by an indigenous Aboriginal.)


Our Art Prints are highly-detailed, richly coloured, quality digital reproductions. We print on canvas, as not only does it feel organic and great, it pays respect to the traditional medium of oil painting, and to what our Grandparents have always used...

Finish: Semi-glossy, pre-coated, archival-grade.


All our prints are mailed to you in a strong-tube.


AHW Studio