Bronze Brigade - Black

By AHW Studio


Rugged and ready. This mechanism has been through some wear and tear in its day, and is now ready to do it again, with you. 


What's your wrist size? Grab a string, wrap it around your wrist, measure. That's the size! 

If it's not in the options, just mention in checkout :) 



- Total size of Watch Case: 30mm (W) x 18mm (H) x 5mm (D

- Black nylon cord, water/sweat resistant.

- Multiple choices of beads - choose below!

- Incredibly strong. Has been through hell and can go through it again on a bad day. 

- Handcrafted from Phosphorous Bronze, and utilising a vintage Russian mechanism dating from the 1960's.

- '16 камни' (16 'stones' - jewels). Jewels are ruby bearing-points inset by the watchmaker to reduce friction caused by the movement of rotating gears. 

"GENEVA STRIPES- notice the striped lines of polishing running vertically down the watch. A Swiss decorative technique that is commonly used for enhancing aesthetics.


 In our Bracelets range, the same watch mechanism will be used, and will only vary ever so slightly between each unique piece. 

- Each piece comes with a box, gift-wrapped and also with a card detailing the watch mechanism's origin and history.

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