QLOCKTWO - 35mm - 'Fine Steel' Wristwatch



"Sorry, do you have the time, please?"





- Hybrid metal-computer collaboration. Melding digital computing, with a physical face-plate... LITERALLY displaying the time through a phrase of 5-minute increments. 

- Noticing the 4 dots in each corner of the display - these represent 1 minute each. After 4 dots light up, the phrase changes to indicate that 5 minutes have passed.

- For eg. In the 2nd image, it display "IT IS QUARTER TO SIX", and also displaying the full 4 dots, meaning: 15 - 4 minutes = 11 to 6. The next phase will read "IT IS TEN TO SIX".

- By pressing the only available button, you receive the time, (visual) date, and (visual) seconds!

- Stainless Steel Case, in Brushed finish.

- Stainless Steel Mesh Bracelet - Fully Adjustable.

- Dimensions:

    • 35mm (W) x 35mm (H)
    • 8mm Thick.
    • 24mm Lugs/Bracelet Width.

- 5 ATM - 50 Metres Water Resistance.



- 24 Months Warranty.

- We cover the battery for 1 year.

- Designed, Patented and Handmade in Germany.

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