Elgin Blue - Pendant

By AHW Studio


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A grand yet forgotten watchmaking giant back in the golden days of horology, this American company began in around 1864, Illinois. Producing some of the most iconic American pocket-watches, this household name was an icon also in the railroad industry. 

This specific piece was the heart of a wrist-watch, built in the post-war year of 1947, as part of the 'boom'. Finely hand-blued wheels to emphasise the quality and delicacy of steel, and distinctive ruby-jewels laid-out like a constellation... 

A fine piece of former, American craftsmanship.


(Please Note: The pendant available for this listing contains the serial number below, and is only different to the images by that. The model is the same as the piece in the images!)



- Serial number U448454 - Built in post-war 1947.

- Unique 'tonneau' or 'barrel' shape. Completely original.

- Hand-Blued Wheels. This is a fine-heat treatment upon the steel components of the movement... creating a deep, and unique blue hue.

"Sunburst" polishing technique - notice the spiral, iridescent effect in the big-blue-wheel...

- 23mm tall x 17mm wide. 

- Includes a Gun-Metal "LINK" Chain, at 24"/75cm length.

- High-grade 21 Jewels (Rubies). Jewels are ruby bearing-points inset by the watchmaker to reduce friction caused by the movement of critical components. 



 In our Pendants range, the same watch mechanism will be used, and will only vary ever so slightly between each unique piece. 

- Each piece comes with a box, gift-wrapped and also with a card detailing the watch mechanism's origin and history.

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