'Gunmetal Dawn' - [925] Sterling Silver Bracelet



Aged 925 Sterling Silver... 'Gunmetal Dawn' is forged through austerity. The raw characteristics of a Soviet-Made engine is moulded with a full-metal-jacket of sterling silver... Our heaviest-duty piece yet.


What's your wrist size? Grab a string, wrap it around your wrist, measure the length end-to-end. That's your size! 

If it's not in the options, please just mention in checkout :) 



- Dimensions of Watch Case: 30mm (W) x 18mm (H) x 5mm (D

- 925 Sterling Silver - INCLUDING THE CHAIN.

- Each piece's finish and ageing WILL VARY!

- The Details: a post-war 1950's Soviet Union movement, embedded with '16 камни' (16 rubies). These rubies bearing points originally set by the watchmaker, to reduce mechanical friction on moving components...  

"Geneva Striping" (polishing) - notice the iridescent lines of finishing running horizontally across the watch. A decorative technique that is commonly used for enhancing aesthetics, and to indicate that it was a higher-grade watch...



 Handcrafted in Sydney :)

- Each piece comes with a box, gift-wrapped and also with a card detailing the watch mechanism's origin and history.

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