The Lord Hamilton - Bespoke Ring, in 18k Gold

By AHW Studio


Kingly, the Lord Hamilton sees all.

Anthony liked gold, watches, and rings. It only made sense.

He met us at The Rocks Markets one weekend, and having seen us a few times before, had been juggling the idea of something special to himself...namely a ring. We offered to make a custom piece, with 'anything on the table', and he, with a great eye (we must add!), opted for a 1940 Hamilton. We must emphasise that this is an original Hamilton - not the brand we know of now. This was a small-sized, oval mechanism unique to the American brand, shared by no other manufacturer. It gleamed with fine polishing ('Damaskeening'), intricate gold-chatons, and 17-jewels.

All in all it took us around a month, and this beautiful artefact of American craftsmanship was wrapped in solid 18K Yellow Gold, to a massive ring-band... the biggest we made at the time... More gold! 

This ring for Anthony was to mark a momentous event in his life, and a project that has both changed and challenged us. The beginning of a new generation of bespoke.

Cheers Anthony!

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