Unique Piece - 'Elgin Organic' Large Brass Pendant

By AHW Studio


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This is a unique piece of American watchmaking history, made wearable into a medium to large size pendant for the modern landscape. The watches themselves were obsolete, and we thought best to dig deep into its mechanical depth to uncover its raw beauty, and justify the art-form of watchmaking and ultimately, recycle. 

This set is completely made ready to wear, and is soldered for superior strength. The parts have been fixed with extra TLC and are very much self-contained, and built for longevity.

  • Serial No: 6831015 - 1897 (pictured)
  • 'Elgin' watch company began in Illnois, 1864, was a legion of the greatest American made watches ever, including Waltham Mass., Hamilton Penn.(Revived). This piece is a peer into their former glory, in its purest essence..
  • Finishing varies between a dulled/matte gold, to a 'frosted' gold
  • Marked with elegant Elgin branding and unique serial number
  • Organic design and multi-layered depth architecture
  • Silver soldered
  • Jewels varied between 7-17, and most were dulled or removed. These pieces mostly retained a mono-patinated gold look.
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