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Dream It Into Reality


Custom & Bespoke

Dream it into Reality

For the dreamers and the creatives. When you can't find what you're looking for, the only way is to do it yourself. We began this way. Challenge us, push our boundaries, and make us work for it.

Below is a gallery of past Custom & Bespoke commissions with our wonderful, imaginative customers. Born from a pencil drawing, and a inquisitive "Could we...?"

Yes we can.

The Moriana Ring

The Emperor

Ultimate Heavyweight 18ct Gold Signet Ring, with sculpted relief shoulders, diamond bezel, and ruby talons and eyes. Sandblasted and polished finish.

Ben's Scorpion


Ben built Scorpion's hut in the 2021 Mortal Kombat film. After discussing with him, we decided on combining classic and modern Scorpion into this final look.

Nathan's Aquamarines

Heavyweight Signet Ring

Solid large Oxford signet ring with initial engraving, embedded with aquamarines, as a homage to his father's birthstone.

Moon Signet

Moon & Stars

An alternative wedding ring. Solid white gold, hand-carved for a organic finish. A crescent moon top, with star-set diamonds.

Alex's Tablet

Yellow Bumblebee

Designed from the ground up, with a rope pattern border, natural Australian yellow sapphire, a taurus symbol, and bumblebee.

Golden Scar

The Valley of Gold

Hand-carved custom SCAR ring, in 9k Yellow Gold. Frosted, polished, and hammered finish.

Ali's Signet


Handcrafted gold signet ring with custom engraving. We maximised on detail, focusing on the face, hair, and floral pattern.

James's Set

Signet 'n' Band

Princess-cut Emerald, set into a decayed gold signet ring, and paired with a golden wedding band.

Lee's Diamond

Remade, Reborn

A customer's original diamond, remade and reimagined in a brand new setting. Diamonds are timeless, and can always be reimagined.

Jodie's Amethyst

Purple Quartz

Hand carved white gold ring, set atop with a large natural amethyst. Designed to be seen.

James's Triptych

State of Decay

Three interlocking silver rings made in various states of decay, from polished, rustic, to full decay. Worn as a pendant.

Dixon's Signet

Dixon Family Lineage

Dixon's family crest, made into a functional seal signet ring. Stamp your letters the old school way.

Scorpion Signet

Inspired by you.

The imagery on this ring wasn't drawn by us. It was drawn by the customer's tattoo artist. We replicated his tattoos and engraved them onto his ring. From flesh to metal.


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