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The majority of silver jewellery that you encounter and wear is crafted from 925 Silver, indicating that it is composed of 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% alloyed metal, such as copper. This addition of 7.5% strengthens the silver and enables it to be worn indefinitely, as it is durable enough to withstand wear and tear.

We specialise in crafting 925 Silver Rings for both men and women! They are perfect for accessorising any outfit, from minimalist to bold. If it's your first piece, keep it simple. But for ring veterans, choose something substantial to make a statement!

We offer several popular styles of 925 Silver Rings, including Vintage Rings, Signet Rings, Bands, and Character Rings. Mix and match them to create a stunning and eye-catching ensemble.

Our rings are handcrafted from Sterling Silver 925. Most silver jewellery you see and wear is made from 925 Silver. The 925 means it’s 92.5% Silver, and 7.5% alloyed metal, like copper. This 7.5% hardens the silver and makes it durable enough to wear forever. Pure 100% Silver is too soft for jewellery - it would literally bend in your hands!

There are some common 925 Silver Ring styles that we offer. Feel free to mix and match our styles of Vintage Rings, Signet Rings, Bands, and Character Rings for a head-turning ensemble.

When it comes to AHW Rings, diversity has always stood the test of time.