'Future Flight' - Japanese Seiko Pendant

By AHW Studio


A Japanese automatic mechanism from "SEIKO", hailing from the 1960's. This movement came from a ladies watch - clean and industrial, the polished rotor swivels smoothly as you move, hinting and showing the detail underneath before it once again becomes hidden. 


- Circa 1950's - 70's.

- Set with a pair of brass wings.

- Automatic mechanism actually turns, and swings with your movement!

- 17mm diamater (mechanism).

- Marked with "SEIKO" Japan.

- Comes with a brass "LINK" chain.

- 17 Jewels (Rubies). Jewels are ruby bearing-points inset by the watchmaker to reduce friction caused by the movement of rotating gears. 


 In our Pendants range, the same watch mechanism will be used, and will only vary ever so slightly between each unique piece. 

- Each piece comes with a box, gift-wrapped and also with a card detailing the watch mechanism's origin and history.

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