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Cartouche Diamond Pendant - AFTERLIFE

Available This Month Only, Then Never Again...


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Scarab beetles, specifically the dung beetle species Scarabaeus sacer, were revered for the beetle's ability to transform dung into life-giving food. Often depicted as a full beetle pushing the sun across the sky in ancient Egypt, the scarab was associated with the idea of eternal life. Its life cycle of laying eggs, hatching, and emerging from the dung ball was seen as a metaphor for the soul's journey through the Afterlife.

Set with a natural Brown Diamond.

Available during May only, then never again…
PENDANT: 9mm width x 14mm length top size.

MATERIAL: Sterling Silver 925.

GEMSTONE: Natural Brown Diamond.

INSPIRATION: Scarab Beetle. Egyptian.

Processing Times: 1-3 Days to handcraft your order.

Australia: 1-2 Working Days

International: 8-12 Working Days
What chain length should I pick?

MEDIUM (60cm) is by far our most popular choice, as it sits around chest height. SHORT (45cm) can be suitable if you’d like to wear the pendant closer to your neck, and LONG (75cm) works well with larger designs. Check our Sizing Guide for more help (you can find this below the price).

Does the watch still work?

Our watch mechanisms are upcycled from vintage, obsolete timepieces that were beyond repair. They are purely decorative and do not work anymore, unless specified so!

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What is our design philosophy?

To be unique.

To create something you cannot find anywhere else. Timeless pieces that provoke interest. Jewellery designed to make your day a little brighter, to remind you that there's always some fun to be had, and that there's always another way to look at the world.

Handcrafted in Sydney

Handcrafted to order using the highest quality Sterling Silver 92, solid Gold, and natural Gemstones, our jewellery is proudly produced in Sydney, Australia.