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Rating: 5.0 out of 5.0
  • BRACELET: 15mm Diameter.
  • MATERIAL: 9k Solid Gold. Sterling Silver 925 Chain. 
  • INSPIRATION: Lydian Stater (the world's first coin), electrum, Leo.
What is this all about...?

The Oldest Coin in the World: the Lydian Stater, was discovered in modern-day Turkey. It's 2600 years old and one of the most important coins ever, as it is theorised to be the model for all subsequent coinage.

The Lion: The Lydian Lion was the emblem of the Lydian Kings and minted in 610-600 BC. As August falls upon Leo, it was the perfect time to display this beautiful coin.

What is Electrum? Silver & Gold combined is called Electrum. This naturally-occuring material was also known as 'green gold'. It's not on the stock market though.

The NOSEWART: See the little nosewart on the forehead? That's supposed to be represent the rising sun. It has now fondly come to be called the 'nosewart' by historians and numismatists (coin collectors).

Chopmark Hallmark: Ancient coins were 'chopmarked' or stamped to prove their authenticity. We 'hallmarked' this piece with '925' for silver, and '375' for gold, guaranteeing that it's genuine silver & gold.

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