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Emerald Signet Ring - SERAPHIM

2024 Precious 4 Collection - Available This Month Only, Then Never Again...


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The First of Four Collections: Diamond, Emerald, Ruby, Sapphire.

The “Precious Four” Gemstones traditionally refer to Diamonds, Emeralds, Rubies, & Sapphires. These four specific gemstones have been classified as “Precious”, due to their beauty, rarity, and continue to be highly sought after in the realm of jewellery & gemstone collectors.

That's why we're creating a ring for each birthstone in the Precious Four gemstones.

Up first, Emerald for April.

Introducing SERAPHIM.

Descending upon six wings, radiating light and wreathed in flame, SERAPHIM represent the highest order of angels. Serving as messengers of God, Seraphs bears the divine word, delivering guidance to and worship to a greater power. Seraphim bear multiple eyes, as beings of great insight and understanding.

With an ancient, rustic finish, SERAPHIM features an intricately carved Seraph, its gaze fixed with the wise Emerald, symbolising the all-seeing Eye.

Engraved with 2/4, as the 2nd Drop of the Precious 4 Collection.

Available for MAY only, then never again…
RING: Signet Ring, 16mm width x 15mm length top size.

MATERIAL: Sterling Silver 925.

GEMSTONE: 1mm Emerald(Lab-Grown).

INSPIRATION: Seraphs. Angels. Emeralds.

WHICH FINGER? Try the index for a statement ring, or the pinkie as a finishing touch.
Processing Times: 5 Days to handcraft your order.

Australia: 1-2 Working Days

International: 8-12 Working Days
Can I wear this in water? Yes, SERAPHIM is completely waterproof and fine to wear 24/7.

What happens if I bought the wrong ring size?

We offer a complimentary resizing service, anytime! Just email us:

What is your warranty policy?

Our Silver & Gold Rings are backed with Lifetime Warranty and are handcrafted for superior quality and made to last a lifetime.

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What is our design philosophy?

To be unique.

To create something you cannot find anywhere else. Timeless pieces that provoke interest. Jewellery designed to make your day a little brighter, to remind you that there's always some fun to be had, and that there's always another way to look at the world.

Handcrafted in Sydney

Handcrafted to order using the highest quality Sterling Silver 92, solid Gold, and natural Gemstones, our jewellery is proudly produced in Sydney, Australia.